Best Life did a feature on “33 Easy Ways to Give Back During the Holidays, From Charities to Good Deeds” (See link here). In the feature, Pay Away the Layaway was listed as #3!

Looking for ways to give back this holiday season?


Donate Today

  1. Be an elf this season.
  2. Run a race for a good cause.
  3. Pay someone’s layaway balance. (Become a Layaway Angel)
  4. Spend time in nursing homes with those who don’t have families.
  5. Donate to Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Amazon wishlist.
  6. Take lunches to people who work during the holidays
  7. Donate your flight miles.
  8. Make a blanket for someone who needs it.
  9. Give presents to children who have parents in prison.
  10. Help provide clean cooking conditions to struggling families.
  11. Donate free Christmas trees to military families.
  12. Help those who have fallen victim to natural disasters.
  13. Provide helpful shoeboxes to children in need.
  14. Donate video game consoles to children in hospitals.
  15. Help orphaned children get gifts.

To see the rest of the list and all of the amazing organizations you can give back to or take action with this holiday season click here.